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Best Place to Plug In

1. Peter J. Shields Library

2. Mishka’s Cafe
610 Second St.

3. ASUCD Coffee House
Memorial Union

Studying no longer relies upon just a stack of textbooks and a pile of notes. Wireless internet is also an integral part of the college studying experience, whether downloading professors’ slides off of SmartSite, looking up facts on Wikipedia or procrastinating on Facebook.

For the best place to plug in, or most computer-friendly location, Davis students and residents have voted for Peter J. Shields Library. Shields Library, located between Peter J. Shields Avenue and Hutchison Drive, is near the center of campus for quick access between classes. The Shields Library has had wireless internet since July 2003, along with the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library and the Carlson Health Sciences Library.

According to Dale Snapp, head of the systems department at Shields Library, the reason the wireless internet in the library is so good is the improvements in coverage and reliability. Wireless access points were upgraded to Aruba wireless access points (APs) in 2007 and are now located all over the building.

“The new APs are centrally controlled and monitored to provide a high degree of reliability,” Snapp said. “If one AP goes offline, the adjacent APs increase their radio transmission to cover the gap until the malfunctioning AP can be replaced.”

Snapp believes that the Shields Library provides an ideal location “where access to print, electronic resources and online chat reference service meets faculty, student and staff expectations.”

“I believe the Shields Library’s central location on campus, quiet study spaces and secure wireless coverage make it a top destination for their collaboration, studying and research needs,” Snapp said.

The second place winner was Mishka’s Cafe, located at 610 Second Street in downtown Davis. Third place went to the ASUCD Coffee House, located in the Memorial Union.

— Amy Stewart


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