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Best Place To Sleep on Campus

1. UC Davis Quad

2. In class

3. Peter J. Shields Library

After pulling an all-nighter, coffee from the esteemed  ASUCD Coffee House may not suffice as an energy boost before your next class. No worries! Either pack a blanket or lay out a sweatshirt and catch up on some much needed snooze time on the UC Davis Quad.

The Quad, voted the best place to sleep on campus, is a popular area on campus where students and staff can snack, socialize, sunbathe and apparently, slumber.

Previously used for agriculture during UC Davis’ early years, the Quad has metamorphosed into one of the more scenic areas on campus. It is split into two factions, East and West Quad, by a walkway that spans from the Memorial Union to Peter J. Shields Avenue.

The Quad includes a large grassy expanse where students can be spotted hanging out with friends or relaxing in solitude. Though not the quietest area, as the Quad is also a popular gathering ground for organizations to convene and recruit, it is a nice place to nap for those who can get past the chatter of daily comings and goings.

UC Davis first-year undeclared major Tarandeep Kaur said that she likes to nap and hang out with friends on the Quad for the refreshing outdoor environment.

“It’s really relaxing to just lay down in the sun. The fresh air feels really nice. Even though I live on campus and my bed is relatively close, I still choose to nap on the Quad because sometimes the room can be suffocating,” Kaur said.

So, if you find yourself doing the barely-conscious-head-bob at the end of your first class or weaving on your bicycle in the fashion of a cyclist deserving a BUI, swing by the UC Davis Quad for some shuteye. For those who find no shame in sleeping in academic settings, the second and third place winners were “In class” and the Peter J. Shields Library, respectively.

— Kelsey Smoot


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