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Best Place to Take a Date

1.   Downtown Davis
2.   UC Davis Arboretum
3.   Davis Farmers Market

What do movie theaters, restaurants and concerts all have in common? Not only are they all similar date spots, but they can all be found in downtown Davis, voted as the best place to take a date.

Michael Bisch, the co-president of the Downtown Davis Board of Directors said that this amalgamation of places to go make it ideal for a date.

“It’s got a wide variety of things to do within a very small geographic area, so one can bring a date down and then go to a movie, get something to eat, go hang out or check out a live performance someplace,” Bisch said. “So, instead of getting in a car and driving all over to do a variety of things in a date, you can do it all in one place in downtown.”

Not only is it all one place, but it is one convenient place, near enough to campus so that students living anywhere in town can find transportation suitable to get downtown.

Along with accessibility and convenience, downtown Davis businesses generally cater to the student population.

“A lot of the eateries and bars are geared specifically [toward] the students. I think that’s a big factor,” Bisch said.

Downtown Davis also has a number of events that entice people to bring a date and enjoy the afternoon or evening. Some of the festivities that keep downtown Davis bustling include art galleries, live performances and fundraisers.

The vision of downtown Davis is to have activities running every day, drawing in locals and visitors for food, retail and entertainment. This leads to a variety of opportunities for different dates.

“It could be really romantic if you do it right,” said junior economics major Alex Cardenas.

However, if you or your date is looking for a place that is a bit less buzzing with activity, in second place, the UC Davis Arboretum is a romantic spot to get a little more personal. The Davis Farmers Market was voted the third best place to take a date.

— Devon Bohart


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