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Best Place to Work on Campus

1. ASUCD Coffee House
Memorial Union

2. UC Davis Research Labs

3. Activities and Recreation Center

Once again, the student workers of UC Davis have agreed — the ASUCD Coffee House (CoHo) is the place to work. Yes, a job’s a job but it sure doesn’t feel that way for those making delicious pastries or whipping up a white chocolate mocha Frappuccino to brighten up somebody’s day.

The CoHo is one of the largest student-run food service in a university in the United States. It serves nearly 7,000 people a day — students, faculty, and visitors alike. The CoHo also promotes environmentally conscious methods by using biodegradable containers, locally grown produce and composting a lot of its trash.

UC Davis students have taken notice of the CoHo’s forward-thinking sustainability practices and great atmosphere to the point that whenever job applications open up on the ASUCD website, several hundred applications begin to pour in within a few hours. And those lucky enough to work at the CoHo can’t stop singing its praises.

“There’s nothing like getting real, legitimate job experience while working with cool people. It’s unlike any other place. It’s not a small coffee shop, and not a big corporate restaurant. It’s got a really unique character,” said Alicia Sanhueza, a senior design major who is a senior kitchen supervisor.

Sarah Herrera, a junior English and psychology double major, sums it up in a few words.

“I’m always excited to come to work!” Herrera said.

Other campus work places deemed exceptional to work at include the UC Davis research labs and the Activities and Recreation Center.

— Michelle Ruan


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