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Best Sushi

1. Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
500 First St.

2. Zen Toro Sushi
132 E St.

3. Jusco Japanese Restaurant
228 G St.

Bragging rights for having the best and freshest sushi in Davis belongs, again, to the reigning champions at Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar.

“It makes sense Mikuni has won Best Sushi for two years in a row because it is in a great location and is a lot more modern and trendy than a lot of the more traditional sushi restaurants,” said Amanda Beck, senior English major. “Plus, their rolls have funny names, like ‘Pimp My Roll’ and ‘Train Wreck Roll’.”

Beck, who is a passionate food enthusiast and blogger, said that her standards for sushi include having the freshest fish possible, which Mikuni has become known for at its eight Northern California locations.

“We are committed to producing quality food, and having the freshest fish in the area shipped in every day,” said Janet Cho, one of the restaurant’s managers. “It feels awesome to be in the running again for Best Sushi.”

A particularly appealing feature of the modern Japanese dining experience at Mikuni is their happy hour, which takes place every Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

“I love the $3 hand rolls, $5 shrimp tempura and $5 sushi rolls,” Beck said. “Also, their specialty drinks are strong, and at happy hour they are only $6. The Tokyo Tea is really good, at least if you’re not looking for a “let’s drink casually” drink — there’s like four different kinds of alcohol in it.”

Beck’s favorite item on the happy hour is the spicy scallop handroll, which is a generous helping of scallop, sauce, masago and onion wrapped in seaweed for just $3. However, the unique distinctive quality of sushi menu items at Mikuni gives each a universal appeal.

“I would really be open to any of their sushi rolls raining from the sky, but if I had to choose I would probably pick the Iron Chef Roll — panko shrimp, white tuna, sauce, masago, and onion,” Beck said.

Sushi enthusiasts can also indulge at Zen Toro Sushi, located in Mansion Square, or super-indulge at Jusco Japanese Restaurant on G St for a dinner buffet for $15.49 on the weekdays.

— Lani Chan


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