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Most Picturesque Spot

1. The UC Davis Arboretum

2. Putah Creek

3. Davis Greenbelt

Davis’ lush, extensive arboretum was voted the most picturesque locale in Davis.

With a winding creek that extends the length and a wide diversity of plant life, the Arboretum provides ample opportunity for a keen photo op.

Walk the length of the 3.5-mile loop and one may venture through the California foothills, complete with pines, cenotaphs and valley oaks.

Go further, and one will venture past a medieval Japanese-style gazebo surrounded by lush greens and fragrant white flowers.

Also along the Arboretum is the Australian collection, featuring towering eucalyptus trees and colorful shrubs. Along the small lake there is an East Asian section with cherry blossoms and fragrant daphne.

Desert, Mediterranean, South American, and Mexican sections add to the rich diversity, as well as oaks and a redwood grove, too.

“I think it’s really scenic and serene, especially in the spring,” said Linh Banh, senior English and film studies double major. “I like how it doesn’t look manufactured. There isn’t a sense that it’s been landscaped over. It just looks natural.”

“And I love the redwood forest,” Banh added. “I like to walk around there — it’s really nice to just get away for a bit.”

With all its diversity, the Arboretum has a wide space for scenic photography.

Joggers and walkers frequent the paths in all seasons. And students and picnickers sprawl out on the grass, particularly in the spring. All in all, it’s regarded as a fine place for a photo.

Putah Creek, which empties into the Berryessa Reservoir, was voted the second most picturesque.

The Davis Greenbelt, which weaves its way around Davis, was voted third.

– James O’Hara


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