Best Place to Nap: The Hammocks


Between classes, club meetings and study sessions, students often find themselves physically and mentally drained. When it comes to finding a place to destress and regain energy, UC Davis students call the hammocks on the Quad the best place to take a nap.

“I love napping in the hammocks because they provide a comfortable, but private, place to take a break from my day,” said Beverly Huey, a third-year genetics major.

The hammocks, found on the East and West sides of the Quad, are funded through a grant from The California Endowment to promote healthy habits for students.

The hammocks receive fresh air and shade from surrounding trees, and their subtle rocking motion and peaceful environment make them the ideal spot for a quick sleep.

Make sure to get there early to secure your spot, though; there’s often a line due to their popularity!


Written by: Riva Ballis and Carla Arango —