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Davis, California

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Best On-campus Animal: Cows


For the residents of Tercero, the wonderful cow scent is a daily reminder of the dairy right next door. For the rest of Davis, the cows are a charming addition to the farm town aesthetic, attracting students and visitors alike to watch the cattle roam around the pastures.

The cows have been a part of campus since 1959, and they are one of the most visible symbols of Davis’ century-long history as an agricultural school. Students can take classes such as Animal Science 49A: Animal Management Practices to learn how to interact and work with the animals. There are around 300 cows that make up the dairy, with about 100 milking cows, whose milk is sent off to Homer Cheese Company.

“I like how quiet and calm they are; they are really sweet,” said Maria Patino, assistant herdsperson for the dairy. “It’s hard, but it’s cool to work with them and around them.”

Written by: Anjali Bhat and Austin Carroll — features@theaggie.org