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Spring break adventures in pictures

Take a look into what The California Aggie’s Photo Desk was up to this spring break


An original British telephone booth from the set of Sherlock Holmes, found at Universal Studios Hollywood. (CIERA PASTUREL)
I spent the majority of Spring Break road-tripping from L.A. to Seattle with my friend. This was taken beneath the Cherry Blossom trees at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, OR. (BRIANA NGO)
Spring break fell on the week of the Persian New Year, so I was able to enjoy spending time with my family and eating my grandmother’s delicious food, which included a traditional dish of rice and fish. (VENOOS MOSHAYEDI)
I finally got the chance to see the Poppy Fields in the Antelope Valley in person. (ZOË REINHARDT)
Spent break exploring the parts of my hometown I’d long forgotten. I’m thankful that this past rainy season brought so much life and color back into the world. (REBECCA RIDGE)
I got to experience OUE Skyspace with my family in Los Angeles. This is the memorable view from the 70th floor of the U.S. Bank Tower. (SAHAR FOROUZANFAR)
Spent a lot of time outdoors thanks to my dog and the perfect weather we’ve been having. (MEENA RUGH)
Celebrated my anniversary with dinner, gifts and a trip to the drive-in theater. (ANH-TRAM BUI)
Light show on Highway 113. (NICHOLAS CHAN)
My goal this break was to spend as much time outside as possible to counteract how much time I spend inside studying during the quarter. It went well. (LUCY KNOWLES)
Had a blast with my little cousin and family at the beach, despite my broken ankle. (LAURA LONG)
Final round competitors hang onto quality for the U.S. Collegiate Climbing Series National Championship. (IAN JONES)
When you walk around L.A., you’ll find that it’s a host to an abundance of stunning artwork. (DIANA LI)
Sunrise at home in the Foothills. (NICOLE WASHINGTON)
A leisurely drive down the California coast brought peace, pastrami and pictures. Here is Point Lobos. (CAT TAYLOR)
I missed the beaches of SoCal. (BRIAN LANDRY)
Tri-State trip to Iowa, Wisconsin and finishing with the Mall of America in Minnesota. (FARAH FARJOOD)
I got married on March 28! (TAYLOR RUNNELLS)
For this spring break, my friend recently launched his own t-shirt design. My friends and I had a photoshoot to promote his shirts! (ALEXA FONTANILLA)
Midwest cows. (CHELBERT DAI)

Compiled by: The California Aggie Photo Desk — photo@theaggie.org


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