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Meaningful Memories

Aggie photographers write about the photos they’ve taken that mean the most to them.

During a trip to Iceland with some friends, we were driving down backcountry roads and ran into a group of horses grazing on a field nearby. As soon as they saw us, they took off and trotted down the road in same direction that we were headed. It was as if they wanted to guide us to this particular spot with a gorgeous mountainous backdrop just in the distance. As soon as we pulled over my instincts got me jumping out of the car, immediately snapping away. Before I knew it, I had captured a couple hundred frames of this particular herd of horses. Of all the images, this one stood out the most and encapsulated my experience in Iceland, a truly majestic place. (JUSTIN HAN)
Being able to have furry friends around, while in a college setting, has been one of the best ways to cope with stress. I’m beyond thankful to have someone to hold and pet as I tackle the difficulties of being a graduating senior. (ALEXA FONTANILLA)
The first Women’s March was one of the most memorable events I’ve ever attended. Despite the brisk January temperatures, the crowd was warm, enthusiastic, and above all fiercely determined to foster inclusiveness and diversity on a national level. (DIANA LI)
The most meaningful moments in life often come when taking breaks from the main objective, like playing cards in a Denny’s in Lake Tahoe with your closest friends. (IAN JONES)
I had the chance to visit my family in Europe this summer, and I took this photo the morning after I arrived. I hadn’t been able to sleep from jet-lag, so I decided to get up and go for a hike and managed to make it to the top, just in time to catch golden hour. (JETT ALTENHOFEN)
This was from a spontaneous trip to the sunflower field in Dixon in the summer. The vastness of the flourishing yellow and green reminds me that beauty is all around you if you look for it. And it’s free. (JORDAN CHOW)
This picture means a lot to me because not only was it after I hadn’t seen my family in awhile, but I happened to get my brother and dog BOTH blinking. Like what are the odds. This just really shows anything is possible or can happen in photography. (JOSH MOY)
This was my first pride parade, June 2016. (JULI PEREZ)
This photo is meaningful to me because it has two of the most meaningful people in my life in it. In this photo you can see the two most important ladies in my life, my sister and my mother. You can also see me preventing cavities, gingivitis, and various other oral diseases by practicing healthy oral hygiene. This photo was taken in Mexico, specifically in the house my father was raised in, and actually born in. This was my second time going to Mexico, the first being when I was three years old so I do not remember much. We were in Mexico for a family wedding. Coincidentally, it was the twenty-third anniversary of my parent’s wedding; however, this time it was my uncle’s wedding. The wedding was also in the same church that my parents had gotten married in. This trip was an amazing experience because I got to visit my parent’s childhood homes and experience what their youth was like. My mind greatly expanded from being immersed in a new culture. And yes, I also flossed. (LUIS LOPEZ)
One of my favorite action shots from the record-breaking 2017-2018 Carmel High School girls’ volleyball season. I referenced this photo in one of my application essays to UC Davis as its background of the players’ posters makes it special from a lot of other sports photos. (QUINN SPOONER)
2018 was a year of a lot of firsts, one of which included seeing the super blue blood moon in January. Regardless of how busy or stressed I am, looking up at the stars in the night sky really puts things into perspective for me and is a good reminder to be thankful for the small things in life. (TIMOTHY LI)
I hiked part of the John Muir Trail in the Ansel Adams Wilderness over summer with my dad. This photo was taken at sunrise after a windy and cold night in the tent. (TREVOR GOODMAN)
Now that I am a senior I am starting to miss my family, especially my little cousin, a lot more. Looking through old pictures that I would take of family makes me excited to be able to go home after graduation. (VENOOS MOSHAYEDI)
This photo was taken back in Spring 2018. It’s one of my more “artsy” photos but the best part of this was that the photo was taken while I was in a car. (ZACHARY LACSON)
I was lucky enough to be able to capture a woman weaving a basket in Tunisia while visiting one of my good friends. It was great to experience another culture and I cannot wait to go back. (ZOË REINHARDT)

By: The California Aggie Photo Desk — photo@theaggie.org


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