54.4 F

Davis, California

Monday, October 2, 2023

Picnic Day 2018 in Photos

A visual recap of UC Davis’ premier event

Dog going, dog going, doggone. (DIANA LI)








Methane and dish soap create fire at the Chemistry Magic Show. (KAILA MATTERA)


Had an egg-cellent time at Picnic Day. (ANH-TRAM BUI)




Demonstration of K-9 apprehension of a suspect. (KAILA MATTERA)


A great combination with the amazing weather on Picnic Day was the sorbet that was made from liquid nitrogen. (VENOOS MOSHAYEDI)


Students demonstrating conservation of momentum and energy using Newton’s cradle. (ALEXA FONTANILLA)


Families and friends rejoicing in the fine 80-plus degree Picnic Day weather. (TREVOR GOODMAN)


Lo & The Mix played an incredible set for hundreds of families and students on the Quad. (TREVOR GOODMAN)




Models show off students’ best work. (ZOË REINHARDT)


LeShelle May shows off a dress from the Red Dress Collection. (ZOË REINHARDT)




By: The California Aggie Photo Desk