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Best On Campus Animal: Tercero Cows


Any student at UC Davis can confirm the mixed emotions that come with attending a cowtown university. How would you describe the experience of being able to see cows from your dorm window? Although people find Davis’ farmland reputation somewhat laughable, it is undeniable that our campus cows are the epitome of UC Davis’ unique persona.

“I think the cows are a really defining feature of UC Davis,” said Alice Kuang, a first-year design major. “When you think of UC Davis, you really think of the cows. Even though in the mornings — especially when it’s hot — you really do smell the cows, I think it adds to the UC Davis feel and experience.”

Aside from serving as a second mascot for UC Davis and the town of Davis alike, the Tercero herd — which consists of Holsteins, Jerseys, Milking Shorthorns and Brown Swiss cows — provides hands-on training for Animal Science majors looking to acquire valuable skills in dealing with livestock.

Though closely followed by the Physics Building cats and the otters found in the Arboretum, it’s no question why the mooing residents of Dairy Road claim the favorite animal crown year after year — their gentle nature, captivating cuteness and undeniably ripe scent have made them a staple of the Davis landscape. Students love the cows because they are a great attribute to the university, but mostly because they are cute and approachable.


Written by: Becky Lee and Alex Arechiga — features@theaggie.org


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