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Best Date Spot: Farmer’s Market

The appeal of Davis’ local farmers market to couples

Given Davis’ agricultural background, it’s no surprise that Davis Farmers Market attracts a lot of attention from the surrounding community. Davis Farmers Market opens to the public Saturday mornings and Wednesday late afternoons until sunset, regardless of weather conditions. Yet in addition to serving as a hub for fresh produce and local cuisines, Davis Farmers Market provides another prospect: a prime date spot.

Couples of all ages can be seen walking around Davis browsing the stands and enjoying The Hotdogger’s Chili Dogs while listening to live musical performances. First year managerial economics major Jasmine Cheng believes that these performances make the experience much more enjoyable, as it contributes to the liveliness of the atmosphere. Cheng explained that she chooses this location as a date spot when she wants to sit on the grass and feel surrounded by others.

“The atmosphere of the farmer’s market is very relaxed and laid-back,” Cheng said. “It gives a homey and nostalgic feeling.”

This welcoming atmosphere attracts many college students. Second year design major Paige Talle comes to Davis Farmers Market every other week in order to buy locally made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Her boyfriend, Cade Keegan, a second year astrophysics major studying at Princeton University, vouched for her, stating that these were the most amazing things he’s ever eaten. He also described the apple cider as fantastically delicious.

Every time he comes to Davis, he said he comes to the farmers market and has found Wednesday nights to be crowded and lively. He recommends having cash on hand and walking around to support local businesses.

Ryanne Green, a senior from Woodland High School, loves coming to the farmers market on Wednesday nights.  

“I would say it’s probably the best date spot,” Green said. “I would bring anyone here. But only if I like them a lot.”

Green came to the Farmers Market with Woodland HS senior Abel Preciado, who had never been to the event. They sat on a blanket on the field while enjoying dishes from Montoya’s Tamales.

“There’s a lot of people out and there’s a really nice vibe going on,” Preciado said. “Positive. Lively. Very lively.”

Aside from the exploring the different food stands, Green enjoys watching the dogs, as flurries of fur can be seen dashing in and out chasing after frisbees. One of her favorite things to do is look for the cutest dog at the event.

Preciado added that it is important to take allergy medicine before coming to the farmers market. Green also recommended bringing a blanket to sit on, especially if you are allergic to grass.

What seems to be most appealing to students and Davis residents is how community-centered the Davis Farmers Market is.

“Especially for someone who’s not from around here I think it’s a really cool community gathering,” Preciado said. “It really makes it feel like the town really comes together around this event, and it’s a very comfortable space to be in and interact with people, so from an outsider’s perspective I think it’s a very unique, cool thing that you guys have going here.”

Written by: Michelle Wong — science@theaggie.org


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