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Best of Davis: Bar

G Street Wunderbar

Whether it’s a Wednesday night out after a final or a three-day weekend, Davis has many bars that are popular among students. G Street Wunderbar is one of the most notable, with the Wednesday night event “Funk Night” being a pinnacle Davis tradition for many legal drinkers. Since it opened on October 24, 2011, it has reportedly become one of the most well-known bars to visit in Davis.

Nicole Chin, a fourth year psychology major, thinks the G Street Wunderbar is not only a great place to dance, have fun and drink, but also a place with great food. The Smokin’ Ewe BBQ restaurant contains a lot of burgers, fries, wings and sandwiches.

“I like to go to the Wunderbar for the entertainment, especially to see people do karaoke,” Chin said, “But I always like to see what kinds of foods each bar has because I think it makes them kind of unique. The Wunderbar definitely has some bomb food.”

Regille Rodriguez, a fourth year design major, remembers the first memory she had at the G Street Wunderbar, “I actually didn’t go to the Wunderbar for a while after I had turned 21 because I just didn’t know much about it. When I actually went a couple months after, it ended up being a lot of fun and I even learned how to play pool properly there.”

With a relaxed yet fun atmosphere, the G Street Wunderbar has provided many UC Davis students with memorable moments.

“I definitely recommend going if it’s your first time. Everyone is nice and it’s a different environment compared to other places in Davis. One of the things that I like about it is how spacious it is, so you can have fun but also have time to chill if you need it,” Chin said.

Written by: Sierra Burgueno — features@theaggie.org


  1. Owner was rude and the bartenders there were si into them selves and friend it took for ever to get served and it was not even 8pm!
    Was a good day until then!


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