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Best of Davis: Best Study Spot

Winner: Shields Library

A college campus is incomplete without a great library. Most libraries, while mostly used to house books, fulfill another purpose instead; being a comfortable, quiet and reliable space for people to study. Peter J. Shields Library at UC Davis is no different. With many different rooms and areas to fit everyone’s needs, it is no wonder why it was voted by UC Davis students as the best place on campus to study.

Second-year computer science and engineering major Sophie Bolotin agreed with this finding but also provided a differing opinion.

“I think Shields is the best study spot when I need silence, but I study in other places when I need some sound in the background,” Bolotin said. She also added that when she does study there, she prefers the third floor.

This is a common thought also expressed by second-year neurological, physiology and biology major Valerie Betsis.

“I enjoy studying on the third floor where it is more quiet and separated from others, allowing me to focus better,” stated Betsis.

First-year English and political science major Yuri Yi further spoke about this feeling.

“I do like the library as a study spot. It is quiet and the little cubicles allow me to fixate on my work and not deviate too much,” Yi said.

WRITTEN BY: ISABELLA BERISTAIN — features@theaggie.org


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