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Best Breakfast Burrito and Best Hangover Food: Ali Baba

Popular Middle Eastern fusion eatery wins two titles in this year’s “Best of Davis” issue

A debate practically as old as time in the Davis community: the fight over the best breakfast burrito. While there are more than a few contenders in the town, the real battle comes down to two establishments: Ali Baba’s and 3rd and U Cafe. 

These two restaurants have close to a cult following when it comes to their respective customer bases, and I personally have experienced more than a few passionate debates over the subject. Thus, to settle the debate, The California Aggie asked readers their opinions and

Davis patrons have spoken: Ali Baba received 82.2% of votes, with 3rd and U taking 17.8% of the vote. This isn’t the first time the Middle Eastern fusion restaurant has won the title of best breakfast burrito in 2018 it was also named the winner. 

Ali Baba has been serving the Davis community since 1986, and it is widely regarded as a staple among both UC Davis students and Davis residents. Its menu offers customers two selections for breakfast burrito: regular and vegetarian.

The ingredients the establishment uses aren’t necessarily typical — the regular burrito features eggs, bacon, beef gyro, cheese, french fries, honey and tapatio. The veggie option includes eggs, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, french fries, honey and tapatio. 

Ali Moghaddam, who took over ownership of the restaurant in June of 2008, emphasized his love and gratitude for the Davis community — especially in a time where the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt local businesses practically everywhere.

“We are thankful for the people in Davis who have voted us number one, and as far as these days — everybody is suffering,” Moghaddam said. “I’m really thankful for our customers for still keeping us afloat.”

The burritos are not only a fan favorite because of their unique flavors — the servings are also hearty, and the service remains unmatched. Courtney VanWinkle, a fourth-year environmental policy analysis and planning major, said she supports Ali Baba for myriad reasons. 

“It’s really about the whole experience,” VanWinkle said. “The people are so nice, the portions are generous and it’s just a classic Davis staple.” 

It’s no surprise that the eatery that won “Best Breakfast Burrito” also won the title of “Best Hangover Food.” Ali Baba won the title with 33% of votes, with Crepeville and and Black Bear Diner coming in at a close second and third, earning 26.7% and 21.4% of votes, respectively.

Despite the current pandemic, Ali Baba is still open for takeout. Hungry customers looking for a taste of the “Best Breakfast Burrito” in town can call the restaurant at (530) 758-2251 or place an order on its website

Written by: Claire Dodd — features@theaggie.org


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