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Best Dessert Shop: Davis Creamery

Davis Creamery entices Davis students with homemade ice cream and ever-changing diverse flavors

Nighttime in downtown Davis is known for large crowds gathering around the shop that wafts spun sugar and sweet confectionery throughout the fairy light-decorated streets. With ever-changing creative homemade ice cream flavors and local honey, macaroons and chocolate bars, it is no surprise that Davis Creamery is frequented by UC Davis students. The family-owned ice cream shop won best dessert shop in Davis by 53.3% of the vote.

The location has been in Davis since 2005 and has been owned by Jennifer Schmidt and her husband Joe for the last five years.

“We make our own ice cream right in the store, in small 2.5 gallon batches,” Schmidt said. “We’re the only place in Davis that makes their own ice cream.”

Schmidt shared that she does all of the shopping for store ingredients and it is a family affair, run like a small business. 

  “We have a really friendly staff and a warm environment,” Schmidt said. “We make so many different types of ice creams that I think people enjoy the variety that we have. Every time you come in you have the opportunity to try something different.”

The Creamery is known for diverse flavor options and a range of local treats.

“I think [the Creamery is] very inclusive, because they try to offer a lot of variety in their flavors and accommodate different diets by offering dairy-free flavors,” said Helene Boggs, a first-year psychology major. 

The store employs college students and works with the university to promote student organizations. 

“We donate to different organizations at the university and support [students] as much as we can,” Schmidt said. “We also do a bi-annual fundraising competition with whatever organization wants to join from UC Davis.”

In the fundraising competition, the organizations compete against each other and the top three win money, with 80% of the earnings going to the first-place winner. In this way, the Creamery can make a bigger impact and give more generous donations, according to Schmidt. Although the competition did not happen this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, Schmidt is hopeful the fundraising competition will occur again this fall.

“Without the students, we wouldn’t be able to be as successful as we are,” Schmidt said. “We love having UC Davis students in our shop. They bring a great atmosphere and livelihood and happiness to our store.”

Schmidt shares that the Creamery has made such an impact on Davis students that they have catered several weddings for Davis alumni. 

“We want [going to the creamery] to be a memory that kids remember and look back on when they leave Davis,” Schmidt said. 
Written by: Maddie Duley — features@theaggie.org


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