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Best Late-Night Snack: In-N-Out Burger

Affordable and tasty food captures UC Davis students’ late night hearts

By RACHEL SHEY features@theaggie.org 

In-N-Out Burger on Olive Dr. won best late-night snack for this year’s Best of Davis, receiving 36.6% of the vote.  

One of the ways to get to In-N-Out from the campus is to take the Unitrans W Line from the Silo bus stop. Second-year microbiology major Cynthia Dubridge noted that she’s never been to the In-N-Out franchise in Davis, due to its location as a distant locale. 

“At least in Davis, it’s so far into downtown that I haven’t been there at all,” Dubridge said. 

In-N-Out in Davis, CA Quinn Spooner / The Aggie

Second-year biochemistry major Michael Tsorto counseled students to order the Double-Double, a cheeseburger with two patties. 

“It’s what I always get,” Tsortos said. “The patties are thin, so it’s not too much.” 

Dubridge sometimes goes for a milkshake in addition to the hamburger. She prefers it simple, forgoing some of the typical hamburger toppings.

“I usually order a plain hamburger which has tomatoes and spread, because I don’t like lettuce or onions,” Dubridge said. “Sometimes I’ll also go for a chocolate milkshake. I think Shake Shack’s milkshakes are better, but they’re also more expensive, so if I want a cheaper milkshake, then I think In-N-Out is a good place to go.”

In-N-Out is eminently affordable, which also makes it a good candidate for a late-night  snack, minimizing the impact of midnight cravings on the wallet. The interior decor of In-N-Out is simple and clean, easy for a sleep-deprived student to navigate. Even the Double-Double is small and quick to eat, a bonus for a late-night snack, which doesn’t have to be the size of a full-blown meal. 

Second-year microbiology major Macey McAdams praised the milkshake at In-N-Out.  According to McAdams, it’s the combination of different tastes that you can get at the fast food chain which makes it the perfect late night snack.  

“Their shakes are nice,” McAdams said. “It’s the saltiness from the fries, sweetness from the shake, and when you crave meat you can get that nice burger, animal style, baby!”  

Animal Science major Aryana Bertino-Pyne said that the burger at In-N-Out is one of the finest she’s tasted. Not only is it a good snack, it’s just plain good food.   

“As someone coming from the East Coast, In-N-Out is by far the best and most well constructed burger I’ve ever had,” Bertino-Pyne said. “The flavor profile is impeccable especially if you get your burger with grilled onions.”  

Second year Neurobiology major Bhavdeep Kahlon agreed that the burgers at In-N-Out make an excellent late night snack.  

“The triple triple is legendary because late night cravings hit different,” Kahlon said.  

In-N-Out fan Bartholomew Van Hornby asserted that no other burger can really compare to In-N-Out’s burgers. When asked what makes In-N-Out so good, he directed his praise toward the cheese.

“In-N-Out doesn’t really have much competition in the burger space,” Van Hornby said. “They’re the only large fast food chain I know of which makes things fresh, but ultimately, it’s the sweaty cheese so good you’ll probably end up eating paper trying to get all of it off of the wrapper.”

On his own trips to In-N-Out, Van Hornby enjoys “a double-double animal style with chopped chilis and animal fries” or a “four by four animal style with chilis if I’m not feeling fries at the time.”

Written by: Rachel Shey — features@theaggie.org 


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