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Best Place to Nap: Hammocks in the Quad

Hammocks on campus let students unwind outdoors

By SONORA SLATER — features@theaggie.org

There are certain things that are essential to life for most college students: iced coffee, pasta and naps, to name a few. At UC Davis, students are so committed to “napping excellence” that there is even a UC Davis Nap Map that provides information about nap spots on campus based on safety, privacy, noise level, comfort and more. 

In case you’re wondering where exactly is the best place to nap when there are so many options out there, winning Best of Davis this year for Best Nap Spot are the Quad hammocks, which secured 45.5% of the vote. 

Hammocks in the Quad (Kayla Bruckman/Aggie)

Evelyn Chichil, a first-year human development major, described her first experience swinging in one of the hammocks. 

“It’s very relaxing,” Chichil said. “I feel rested.”

Tiffany Li, a psychology major, expressed similar thoughts while lying on the hammock with her friend. 

 “It’s nice and peaceful, and I can feel myself relaxing,” Li said.  

The hammocks on the Quad are almost always full, a representation of their true popularity, so finding one can be a challenge. 

Chichil said that one of the things that sets the hammocks apart from other nap spots is that it’s outdoors, which allows students to take in the fresh air and sunshine. Chichil considers this spacious atmosphere especially nice since she is currently a freshman living in the dorms and sometimes struggles to find her own space. 

“With my roomies, they’re kinda always there,” Chichil said. “Sometimes I want space to myself, so I like to go outside and wander off. So I came here — and it’s very nice.” 

Christine Li, a statistics major lying next to Chichil in the hammock, said that she appreciates the space to relax even more during stressful midterm and finals seasons. 

I just took a midterm,” Li said. “I don’t think I did well, and I have to write an essay tonight.”

Li expanded on how napping in the hammocks gives them a chance to take a break from thinking about midterms and essays. 

“That’s why we’re here relaxing in the hammock,” Li said. “To just forget about the world for just a little bit. Forget the anxiety is there.” 

Written by: Sonora Slater — features@theaggie.org


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