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Best Student Club: Rocky Horror Picture Club

Rocky Horror Club wins 35.8% of the vote for its unique and engaging performances


By SYDNEY AMESTOY — features@theaggie.org


If you’re looking for a club on campus that will offer you a unique experience, look no further than UC Davis’s very own Rocky Horror Picture Club. The club puts on interactive screenings of the cult-classic film, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” monthly; these popular shows helped the group win best student club this year with 35.8% of the vote. 

The club puts on elaborate productions with live performances alongside a screening of the movie. Members of the club can perform or work behind the curtain in the technical realm. President and third-year neuroscience major Natalie Pearl created the club along with another student early last year. There was a previous Rocky Horror Picture Club on campus that did not return after the pandemic. 

“We play the movie on the screen,” Pearl said. “We do it in Rock Hall, and we act it out in front of the screen, and the audience yells at us and throws stuff. And it’s just such a beautiful, weird experience that you can’t really get anywhere else.”

Pearl explained more about why the film has a ‘cult-like’ following, both on and off campus.

“It’s like a parody of old horror movies,” Pearl said. “It’s like a parody and a love letter at the same time. And it’s a musical. And it’s about embracing your sexuality. And it doesn’t really have a plot. But it’s so fun.”

James Barton, a second-year biological sciences major and one of the original cast members in the club, spoke about his experience with the club over the last year.

“We love seeing people who come back every single month,” Barton said. “It’s so much fun. We love seeing people learn the lines and learn where to look and what stuff is going on. We love seeing the outfits and the creativity. We were so excited when we found out that we got voted [for Best of Davis].”

The club’s next show is on April 14 in Rock Hall at 7 p.m. Part of what keeps people coming back month after month, according to Pearl, is that each month’s showing has a different theme: months have been based around Mario, Star Wars, Pride and more. Since the club’s first performance took place on April 15 last year, this will be an anniversary show that is Davis-themed. You can find more details on Instagram at @rockyhorrorclubatucd.

Written by: Sydney Amestoy — features@theaggie.org