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Davis, California

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Best Boba: iTea

iTea has become a Davis favorite due to its extensive menu and convenient location


By KATIE HELLMAN — features@theaggie.org

iTea has been voted the Best Boba in Davis for 2023, accumulating 38.1% of all votes for the category. Located right between campus and downtown at 236 A Street, iTea is easy to access from campus and is a popular hangout spot for students. The shop is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

iTea is known for its variety of tea flavors, which include fruit teas, milk teas and frosties. They also sell food items such as basil popcorn chicken, garlic chicken wings and ramen.

Yocelyn Ruiz, a second-year plant biology major, mentioned why she prefers iTea to other similar stores.

“I like their snack options more compared to other boba places,” Ruiz said. “I always go for their takoyaki and taro milk tea.”

At iTea, food can either be ordered through in-store kiosks or their app, which makes the process quick and easy. Students are drawn to the large variety of options and ability to personalize their order.

“iTea does its best to make sure the drink is customizable to the customer, with toppings, ice and sugar levels,” Elaine Contreras, a fourth-year communications major, said. “They make your perfect drink.”

Boba has risen in popularity over the last few years, and although iTea is one of many locations in Davis where people can buy it, iTea’s vast menu, fast service and convenient location have secured it the highest ranking.

Chasa Monica, a second year student double majoring in molecular and medical microbiology and philosophy, commented on their favorite thing to order.

“My favorite thing at iTea is the popcorn chicken. The portion is pretty good and I like the flavor a lot,” Monica said. “Their strawberry fruit tea is pretty good as well!”

Written by: Katie Hellman — science@theaggie.org