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Best Trivia: Woodstock’s Pizza

Students voted Woodstock’s for the best place to do trivia in Davis


By CHRIS PONCE features@theaggie.org


Woodstock’s, the popular pizzeria in downtown Davis, was voted the Best Trivia by 60.6% of surveyed students. Their weekly trivia nights were the first event Woodstock’s hosted following the COVID-19 pandemic, according to assistant general manager Maudi Gloria, and students have been eager to attend since. 

Woodstock’s hosts many events other than trivia nights, such as pint nights, which feature discounted drinks, and “California Roots” events, which feature in-store giveaways. Gloria, who also used to work as the trivia lead, discussed the effects of the pandemic on hosting events at Woodstock’s. 

“[It was] super unsatisfying not being able to do the things throughout the pandemic; no inhouse, no late night, no music, no games,” Gloria said. “But bringing trivia back right away was super great.”

Trivia is held every Thursday night at 9 p.m. and is open to all ages. The event also sometimes features different themes, specials and prizes. Gloria shared that trivia is close to her heart and talked about the popularity of the event. 

“It just took off,” Gloria said. “We did a lot of theme nights — Harry Potter has always been our biggest theme night. It’s always been a big hit, it’s super fun. [There are] a lot of college students, it’s definitely like a good close-to-the-weekend, after-the-school-day thing.”

Gloria shared that Woodstock’s partners with a third-party trivia organization to help run the event.

“Now we do trivia through Trivia King,” Gloria said. “So we actually have a third party that we work with. The owner of Trivia King, actually, before they went off and started their own business, was a Woodstock’s employee.”

Jianna Martin, who attended trivia night on April 6, talked about what makes Woodstock’s trivia stand out to students. 

“It’s kind of like a Davis go-to spot [and] gem,” Martin said. “[It’s] a beloved hangout spot. It’s a little chaotic, but in a good way.”

Gloria discussed what makes trivia night so popular at Woodstock’s and how the staff help make the event special. 

“We have a great bar scene as it is,” Gloria said. “Our trivia hosts have good personalities, they know how to work a crowd, get them kind of bought in. Our music is always really fun, we have an app [that makes it so] you can choose the music while waiting for trivia to start. Once trivia starts, our trivia master takes over, [and] he’s really good at reading the room, really good at playing into the energy the people that are here are giving.”

Gloria gave some advice for students who are attending trivia night for the first time. 

“Get here early and pick a really good team name,” Gloria said. “Because honestly, that’s half the fun, is just having a good team name and a good group of friends. And [at] some trivias, you’re not going to do well, and at some trivias you are going to kill it — that’s okay.”

Natalie Jacob, an English major who also attended trivia night on April 6, encouraged students to check out the event during their time in Davis. 

“Undergrad is short and college is short, and I think we should all take advantage of the time we have.” Jacob said. 


Written By: Chris Ponce features@theaggie.org