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Best Sushi: Mikuni

UC Davis students pick Mikuni for the best sushi in Davis


By FAITH DEMEULENAERE — features@theaggie.org


Sushi lovers in Davis have spoken, and their top pick is Mikuni.

The restaurant has won over the hearts of many, including second-year food science and technology major Courtney McDaniel. 

“Mikuni is great when you are going out with friends,” McDaniel said. “Sharing a party platter is relatively affordable when split, and the food is amazing. I am obsessed with their garlicky edamame, and their fish is good quality. Anything with raw tuna or salmon is my go-to.”

Another Mikuni fan, fourth-year environmental science major Kelly Weihrauch, said she voted for the restaurant because of the menu. 

“The ‘Saving Nemo roll’ and the ‘freaky edamame’ are my favorites,” Weihrauch said. 

For Weihrauch, the food isn’t the only draw; she said she also loves the vibe of the restaurant. 

“The atmosphere is really great, and I always feel so welcomed when I come here,” Weihrauch said.

Mikuni is also a place where employees feel like they’re part of a community. 

“I’ve been at Mikuni for a little over six months now and feel really at home among my coworkers,” Sam Schick, a waiter at Mikuni in Davis, said. 

Schick adds that many of his coworkers are in a similar age range, and living in a small town like Davis allows them to connect easily outside of work. He also praises the training and mentorship he’s received at Mikuni. 

“I came into the job with no restaurant experience, but received excellent training and still find myself learning new skills and building my confidence with every shift, something I really value and something that gets me actually excited to go to work,” Schick said.

Schick said his favorite roll is the Japanese Mafia, which he describes as “spicy tuna and crab, with avocado and torched salmon on top.”

 According to Schick, the chefs at Mikuni are constantly experimenting and looking for new ways to elevate their dishes. 

“Our chefs are incredible, always striving to develop their craft and find new ways to elevate our already delicious fresh fish to new heights,” Schick said.

So whether you’re looking for top-quality food, a sense of community or unique dishes, Mikuni is students’ top choice for sushi in Davis. 

“Something that drives me as a server [is] to give our customers the best front-of-house experience possible,” Schick said. “I want nothing to be taken away from the excellence of the chefs and the sushi-eating experience they create.”

Written By: Faith DeMeulenaere — features@theaggie.org