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Spring tunes for the upcoming season

From country to pop music, this selection is sure to set the tone for warmer days ahead        


By SARAH HAN — arts@theaggie.org


“Like I Loved You” by Brett Young (2017)

First on the list is a country song by well-known country singer Brett Young. The lyrics are about moving on from a relationship, but the real standout is the upbeat, catchy tune in the beginning. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your playlist or want to check out some country songs, this is a good option to start with.


“Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt (2004)

Although this song has been out for almost two decades, I only recently encountered it and I was immediately drawn to it. Blunt has a very distinguishable voice — it’s very subtle, yet still clear. The chorus is my favorite because it follows the type of tune that will replay in your head. This song brings out the warmness of spring, so feel free to check it out if you want to listen to an oldie but goodie.


“July” by Noah Cyrus (2019)

Compared to her sister Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus has similar depth in her voice, but also possesses a notably softer quality. Similar to “Like I Loved You,” this song also has a country vibe; however, it incorporates a pop feel that many people may be familiar with. The lightweight strums of the guitar match the lighthearted feel of spring, so this is definitely one of my top choices on the list.


“Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega, cover by AnnenMayKantereit x Giant Rooks (2019)

Although the original by Suzanne Vega has its charm, AnnenMayKantereit and Giant Rooks put their own spin on “Tom’s Diner” by changing up the rhythm and introducing their unique voices to the track. The lead singer of Giant Rooks has a very clear voice, which contrasts well with AnnenMayKantereit’s aggressive, grungy voice. The lyrics match the mild, relaxed vibe of spring, so I definitely recommend checking out this cover or the original version.


“My Future” by Billie Eilish (2020)

This song was made in the thick of the pandemic; therefore, the official music video is all digitally produced. The digital art and the rain perfectly encapsulate the flowers and trees of spring, and the subtle yet addictive beat is sure to cause your head to bop up and down. Eilish’s voice fits seamlessly into the overall beat of the song, so whether you are a Billie Eilish fan or you want to see a digital music video, I recommend this song.


“Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran (2017)

This song captures the calmer, sweeter sides of spring. Sheeran reminisces on his late grandma in a positive way rather than a sorrowful one, which aids the overall calm vibe of the song. I think this will be a good song to listen to when biking to class, sitting at a cafe or studying for a test.


“Love Come Around” by Elina Stridh (2021)

Following the calmness of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers,” Swedish singer Elina sings very meaningful yet relaxing lyrics about the hardships and triumphs of life. Elina’s music videos involve a lot of scenery and still objects, which we will see frequently in the upcoming season.


“Hurricane” by Bridgit Mendler (2012)

Whenever spring rolls around, I always feel nostalgic — and what better way to embrace that nostalgia than listening to “Hurricane” by Bridget Mendler? This song is a classic tune that will help you reflect on your childhood. Additionally, the word “hurricane” seems fit for the frequent rains that will occur in the spring.


Written by: Sarah Han — arts@theaggie.org