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Culture Corner

The Art Desk’s weekly picks for music, movies and more


By RUMA POUDELL — arts@theaggie.org


Song: “Fantasy” by Kali Uchis ft. Don Toliver (2023)

From moving out at an early age and setting forth on her music career, Kali Uchis comes from humble beginnings and has since come a long way. Uchis is most known for her smooth transitions between singing in Spanish and English, meshing the two languages together so flawlessly that you’d think they’re one and the same. Her latest album, “Fantasy,” particularly strikes the soul as her angelic voice sings about dancing and having a lover who is equally, if not more so, in love with you as you are with them. This song will make you tap into the divine feminine, open to receiving and loving.

TV Show: “Malcolm in the Middle” (2000)

Growing up in the United States, this show was a staple of my childhood. I recently got into watching the show again and it still gives me the giggles. The dynamics between the siblings and their parents is heart-touching, realistic and really funny. My favorite character is Dewey, the toddler and youngest sibling, whose innocence is played on in one episode in which he gets close to “hot” babysitters while the older brothers desperately fail to do the same. The show’s jokes are silly and simple, but their delivery makes the show *chefs kiss.*


Movie: “Inception” dir. by Christopher Nolan (2010)

Although it’s over 10 years old now, this movie will forever be a favorite. “Inception” is a sci-fi thriller and heartbreaker. The first time I watched it, I cried (no joke) five times throughout the film. The way this movie captures heartache and suspense and has an open-ended conclusion is amazing. It details the journey of a man as he seeks to make his way back home through one last mission: implanting an idea into a business figure’s mind through his dreams. 


Song: “Taco Truck x VB” by Lana Del Rey (2023)

In case you haven’t heard, Lana released a new album recently. Like her other songs, this one has an edge to it while still harboring a soft feeling. I like songs that make you want to dance, and this one is perfect for that. There’s a strange mix of whispering and an alarm-like ringing at one point which makes my toes curl. While I could dance to this song, it’s also really chill and laid back if you just want to listen to something while doing other tasks, too.


Written by: Ruma Poudell — arts@theaggie.org