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Davis, California

Monday, July 22, 2024

Police Briefs


It’s all those college loans

Individual was seen sleeping in an alleyway on C Street.


Getting catalytic crafty

A catalytic converter was sawed off on Vista Way.


I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

A customer fell off a chair and was breathing but not responding on West Covell Boulevard.


Looks like it, smells like it

Individual thought someone was smoking marijuana on I Street.


International man of mystery

Individual reported international passport was missing on Cowell Boulevard.



Desperate times call for desperate measures

Unknown subject rang the reporting party’s doorbell, tried the door knob and tapped on the windows on Barony Place.


Champagne campaign

A customer claimed to be deaf and attempted to purchase $6,000 in champagne on G Street.


Top secret

Individual was in the bushes talking on her cell phone on Research Park Drive.


Myspace mayhem

Individual asked an officer to look at myspace.com page in relation to threats.


Road trip?

Unknown suspect took money out of an ATM in Oregon and Washington.



I better not get charged

The red light camera was continually going off on Mace Boulevard and Chiles Road.



Unknown individual went up to neighbors fence, whistled and then went back into own backyard on Humboldt Avenue.


Can man

Subject walked up to reporting party’s home and asked kids if they saw his can.


The Davis tumbleweed

A tree limb was in the street on East Covell Boulevard and Alhambra Drive.



Wednesday night is the new Friday night

A complaint was made about a loud party on Cascade Place.


POLICE BRIEFS are compiled by ANN KIM from the public logs at the Davis Police Department and represent the official version of what happened. This segment appears Tuesdays and Thursdays. The DPD crime blotter can be viewed at cityofdavis.org/police/log. XXX


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