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Letters to the Editor

The ASUCD Senate has the power to censure any elected official of ASUCD. A personae censure is a censure that states the ASUCD Senates disapproval of the particular behavior of an individual. Senator Jesse Rosales displayed inappropriate behavior during budget hearings Friday. He arrived an hour and a half late to the Friday budget hearing and was so intoxicated that he had to be asked to leave by the ASUCD president. Senator Rosales was absent on Saturdays budget hearing due to a prior commitment, and he was also late to Sundays budget hearing. All ASUCD senators were notified a month in advance about the weekend scheduled for budget hearings. Attending budget hearings is one of the most important duties for ASUCD senators because we allocate $10.5 million to our various ASUCD units, like the Coffee House and Unitrans. For these reasons, I will be making a motion to censure ASUCD Senator Rosales. We have already sent a declaration of intent to censure to the Office of the Vice President so that it will be placed on the agenda for Thursday’s Senate meeting.


Rebecca Schwartz

ASUCD senator

senate president pro tempore



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