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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Letter to the editor

Title: Election coverage


Students often neglect to realize how much of an impact the ASUCD has on their everyday lives. ASUCD funds Unitrans, the Coffee House, the Bike Barn, programming events for students and more. However, this past winter election showed that low media coverage may be correlated with low voter turnout.

The California Aggies city council endorsements (6/3) were much more thorough than the Winter ASUCD endorsements provided by the Aggie. In winter, only the names of the candidates were printed; without any description of their past experience or future ideas, students were unable to look to the Aggie for consultation. While I appreciate that The California Aggie explained in depth reasons for why they chose their City Council endorsements, I can only hope that this pattern will continue into next falls ASUCD election.


Rebecca Schwartz

ASUCD senator


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