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Davis, California

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

City Brief

Closed-session meeting

The council met in closed-session for labor negotiations with Firefighters Local 3494.


Swearing in of councilmembers

Councilmember Sue Greenwald was sworn in to her second term on the council. Councilmembers Don Saylor and Stephen Souza were sworn into their second terms at a ceremonial meeting July 1.


Items pulled from consent calendar

Council voted to allocate remainder of currently available Proposition 1B funding to road maintenance.The council voted to approve a road rehabilitation contract in the amount of $846,479.90 to American Engineering & Asphalt, Inc.Council directed staff not to include Woodland-Davis Aeromodelers activities in the environmental impact report for a future sports park.The council approved an ordinance requiring that the universal design checklist be applied to all new dwellings built for purposes of accessibility.


Verona subdivision public hearing

A public hearing was opened on the proposal to subdivide a vacant parcel on the corner of Alhambra Drive and Fifth Street. The hearing will be continued at the July 29 meeting.


Reasonable accommodations ordinance public hearing

Council voted to find out whether approval of a reasonable accommodations ordinance for people with disabilities is exempt from further environmental review.The ordinance was introduced.


Parks and greenbelts permit policy resolution

The parks and greenbelts permit policy requires organizers of large events to obtain a permit from the city in order to use city-owned parks and greenbelts.Council voted to approve the policy.


Woodland-Davis alternative transportation corridor study

Council voted to approve the draft vision and goals for the study and to work with city of Woodland and Yolo County to finalize this document and solicit proposals to prepare the study.Council approved funding of up to $60,000 for the study and authorized the city of Davis to serve as the managing agency for the feasibility study contract.


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