105 F

Davis, California

Tuesday, July 23, 2024




BUI done right

An individual was seen drinking a beer while riding a bike on Second Street.


Hide and go peek

Two guys were seen with three blindfolded girls on F Street.




Stairway to heaven, in a sense

A ladder was in the middle of the roadway at Russell Boulevard and Highway 113.


WTF is brindle?!

Abrindle-coloredpit bull was loose in the area D Street and Second Street.


Probably thebrindleone…

A pit bull was off its leash again, this time at Third and C Streets.




Teen angst

Four teenagers were seen smashing signs on Olive Drive.


We’ll leave a light on for you

An individual came home from work to find the lights on and windows open in their apartment.




Stay out of my space

An unknown suspect stole an individual’s computer while at the individual’s house during a party on Espana Court.


Bush hunting season begins

A subject was shooting an airsoft gun into the bushes on Campanilla Court.


If you know what brindle is, or why someone would describe a dog as beingbrindle-colored,please let JEREMY OGUL know immediately at city@californiaaggie.com. POLICE BRIEFS are compiled from the public logs of the Davis Police Department and represent the official version of what happened. 


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