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Campus Judicial Report

Unauthorized material during an exam


A professor referred a first-year student for academic misconduct in a sociology class. During an exam, the student used a blue book that had previously been filled out with various notes in pencil. As the exam progressed, the student erased the portions of these notes that he no longer needed. A neighboring witness reported this behavior to the professor. The student admitted wrongdoing and agreed to a sanction of deferred separation and 15 hours of community service. Deferred separation means that the student waives his right to a formal disciplinary hearing if referred to SJA in the future.


Trespassing and intoxication on campus


UC Davis Police arrested a publicly intoxicated student for attempting to climb the fence of a campus water tower. The authorities charged him with trespassing, thus requiring him to attend court hearings as a result. Furthermore, he was referred to SJA for violation of the alcohol-free campus policy. The student agreed to several sanctions, including probation until graduation, alcohol counseling and participation in the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment program.


The Campus Judicial Report is compiled by student members of the Campus Judicial Board. Additional information on SJA and the Campus Judicial Board is available at sja.ucdavis.edu. 


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