81.7 F

Davis, California

Saturday, July 13, 2024




Day in the life

Two male transients were drinking alcohol, urinating and rummaging through garbage bins on Fifth Street.


Inside voices, please

Neighbors were outside talking loudly on their balcony on Drew Circle.


What’s (not) in yerrr wallet?

An unknown subject opened a Capital One credit account in someone else’s name on Grande Avenue.




Phone spam

An individual was receiving calls from an unknown subject saying she had won a lottery and asking for money on Isla Place.


Waiting for Thanksgiving

Several turkeys in the roadway were causing a hazard on East Eighth Street and Pole Line Road.


The fast and the furious

A subject was seen driving recklessly, fishtailing and doing donuts in the street at Marina Circle and Lake Boulevard.




Clown training

Three to four juvenile subjects were riding motorized mini-motorcycles on the sidewalk on L Street and Fifth Street.


Assault on battery

An unknown suspect removed the battery from a vehicle on Frontera Drive.




But it was still there!

An individual on Hanover Drive left a key in the door overnight and found the next day that the key was only half in the lock.


Delirious in the autumn

A subject was sitting in leaves near a dumpster yelling every few minutes on West Olive Drive.


Hey man, you want some CRACK?!

An individual was approached by another person, on C Street, who asked if he wanted to buy crack.


Police Briefs aren’t always that exciting, sadly. They are compiled by JEREMY OGUL from the public logs of the Davis Police Department (cityofdavis.org/police/log) and represent the official version of what happened.


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