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Best Dessert


301 B St.

Yolo Berry

316 C St.

Yogurt Shack

113 E St.


Ciocolat is a favorite with any UC Davis student looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

The establishment, located just a few blocks off-campus down Third Street, serves students, faculty and other Davisites as they come throughout the day to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or innumerable delicate confections.

“It’s a home-like environment, and we use very fresh ingredients and very good ingredients, a lot of which are local,said Kate Hutchinson, Ciocolat’s owner.

Ciocolat’s most popular items are the sweets, like the tantalizingly-named Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake (according to Hutchinson, the favorite).

“People say it’s very rich and decadent – the best cake they ever had. People come [for this] to get something really special, and it’s a really special cake,Hutchinson said.

According to its owner, the thing that really makes Ciocolat special is its ability to improvise to serve the needs of its customers. Ciocolat produces custom cakes and desserts, and caters to a variety of occasions, from birthday parties to weddings.

“We’re willing and able – and eager – to tailor our cakes or events to whatever [anyone] has in mind. Once, a guy wanted to have a romantic evening with his girlfriend, so he booked the restaurant after we closed for a special night,Hutchinson said.

Yolo Berry Yogurt, opened just last year at 316 C St. – just across from Central Park – won second place. Self-styled asthe healthy choice,this yogurt shop gives patrons a choice between six different self-serve frozen yogurts (flavors rotate) and a dearth of toppings. Yogurt Shack came in third, and is located at 113 E St.


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