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C.D. Review: Garrett Pierce

Garrett Pierce

All Masks

Crossbill Records


Rating: 4


If you’ve found yourself in a music slump lately, singer/songwriter Garrett Pierce is just the man to get you out.

His new album All Masks was released on Apr. 14 and features an eclectic track list with sounds ranging from blues to country. Pierce will perform tonight at 8 at Luigi’s Fun Garden in Sacramento. He will also be performing at Armadillo Records on Saturday at 4 p.m. and Sophia’s Thai Kitchen on Apr. 24 at 10 p.m.

Pierce has been noted as saying that the album was inspired in part by mythology and performances using masks, and the lyrics help bring this to light. The storytelling approach to music that All Masks has is what makes this album enticing as it takes the listener along on each track.

In partnership with the unusual lyrics, Pierce’s vocal range makes each song sound a little differentat times peaceful and melodic and other times bringing a harder edge unexpected to the folk genre.

“Tonightis my personal favorite on this album, as it reminds me of a reinvented oldie love song with a steady electric guitar chord, brass drums and an accordion to boot. A bluesy touch gives a new spin to what could be an ordinary love song.

Mud Under My Feettells an unexpected love story with sweet, soulful lyrics and a two-part harmony. Sweeping strings and the twang of a brass guitar can also be heard on this track, giving it a bold sound.

Running From the Faceis one of the more upbeat songs on the album, as a bluesy guitar and a fiddle add a lot of energy. Pierce’s lyrics are catchy and thought-provoking as he sings lines likeReality is only what you make for yourself/ reality is only she keeps whisperin/ reality is only what she makes for herself/ reality has kept the gods all laughin.

All Masks is a departure from Pierce’s last album, Like a Moth, which featured mostly mellow folk songs. It takes Pierce’s music to a different level, experimenting with different sounds and genres, making this an interesting album to listen to from start to finish.


Give these tracks a listen:Tonight,” “Mud Under My Feet,” “Running From the Face

For fans of: Jackie Green, Ray LaMontagne


– Julia McCandless


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