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C.D. Review: Mims





Rating: 1


Mims is in a bit of a predicament. While his 2007 singleThis Is Why I’m Hotwas an enormous commercial hit, he’s by no means a hip-hop idol. Guilt, Mims second studio record released two years after his debut album Music Is My Savior, isn’t nearly as radio-friendly as the first. His purpose in Guilt seems like an attempt to prove he’s more than just a ringtone rapper.

It worked. This album is so radio-unfriendly that Mims killed his chances of reaching fame ever again. While Mims was able to enjoy a taste of the mainstream withThis Is Why I’m Hot,Guilt is a shot at popular hip-hop that lacks any of the catchy hooks and synths that get Kanye and LilWayne on the dial. Mims licks around the mainstream rim, if you will.

Listening to Mimsrapping style is like feeling the results of a low-fiber diet. His style is so excruciatingly slow that the album could have easily been five to 10 minutes shorter at a more normal speed. Guilt’s overuse of low vocal layers and unnecessary similes makes it sound like a monotonous lecture (the music video for the singleMove (If You Wanna)” is shot almost entirely in slow motion).

On the other hand, it could be said that Mims is a true hip-hop minimalist. You won’t find much in the beat and synth department throughout Guilt, nor will you find much at all in terms of a rhythm section. It’s like a stripped-down version of radio rap, with almost nothing left (save the autotune every now and then).

Melodies do surface every so often.One Dayis an R&B ballad that makes full use of autotune and dry, optimistic lyrics.Love Rollercoasteris pretty much everything you’d expectclub lyrics and a cut and paste female voice.

What’s most annoying about Guilt is Mimsforay into the rock world during the songRockN Rollin,a long and contrived mix of band names and more metaphors. It’s hard to tell whether he’s paying tribute to these bands or rather just trying to be clever with lyrics likeFuck her like an animal/ I Nine Inch Nail her.

It’s unfortunate that the songDonkey Bootywas removed from the final cut. Bestiality rap would have been greatly appreciated.


Give these tracks a listen:Move (If You Wanna),” “The Skit

For fans of: Shop Boyz, Chingy, Fabolous


Justin T. Ho




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