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Fall fashion guide must-haves

Editor’s Note: Mario Lugo is the Aggie’s self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast. He ventured around campus on the look-out for the latest fall trends to bring you this quarter’s new fashion guide.


No one likes to say goodbye to summer. With the sun beginning to shy away into the clouds, the leaves turning icky colors and school starting up again, there’s hardly a reason why anyone would be excited for fall’s arrival, right? Well, ladies and gentlemen, think again because there are plenty of reasons why you will fall in love with fall.

I love fall for one reason: the fashion. Maybe you’ve already done some back-to-school shopping but hey, this economy needs some stimulation. So go out and get yourself some of these edgy and chic items that are bound to make you the fiercest of them all.


’80s Baroque

This fall is all about the edge. Think punk, medieval and glam all wrapped up in an avant-garde package. Studs, chains and leather, oh my! This might sound a bit out of your style comfort zone, but that’s what fashion is about: pushing the limits and trying new things. Try some clunky chained necklaces and bracelets, studded accessories and lots of leather.

“I love the harsher sting this belt adds to my feminine curves,said senior Kelly Quach, wearing a slimming black tank and an explosive black mini skirt. She completes the look with a powerful studded belt, which both accentuates her natural curves and adds that innovative, ladylike and powerfully hot fall edge. Perfection.


Ripped Jeans

Just like Britney and Whitney, ripped jeans are making a comeback! These stylish bottoms are the perfect ingredient for that fall edginess you’re looking for. Don’t get it twisted though; you don’t want to look worn down and raggedy. Chicness comes with conscientiousness; be aware of every aspect of your outfit, right down to the rips and tears in your jeans.

As soon as I saw junior animal science major Bethiah Benson strutting in her fabulous ripped jeans, complemented with a flattering neon V-neck, I had to recover from my fashion-induced coma before stopping her.

“I love my jeans,Benson said.They’re simple but can say a lot about the outfit as a whole.


The top half: boho tinges and cardigans

“My outfit was inspired by two things: being comfortable and beating the lingering Davis heat,said Debs Schrimmer, sophomore English major.I was kind of running late to class so I just threw on a hat.

Comfort and style are the true essences of bohemian-influenced fashion. The fit-to-form top and cargo short combination reads relaxed and casual but the addition of the menswear-inspired hat is just the edge Schrimmer needed to make her outfit spectacular.

For a little extra, drape a cardigan over to complete the look and warm you up. First-year environmental science and managing major Beatrice Dea knows how to work a cardigan into any outfit.

“I absolutely love cardigans,she said. “I think they are cute and can add a touch of class to any outfit. For fall, boyfriend cardigans with skinny jeans and flats make a great outfit.


The bottom half: belts, leggings and boots

Don’t be afraid to show off that figure, honey! Just like senior film studies major Christen Limon, add a chunky but stylish belt to hug your curves.

“The kind of top I wore doesn’t show your shape so I wore the belt to help with that and to make the outfit a little more fun,Limon said.

Sophomore communication and international relations double major Tiana Brawley is aware of fashion that never dies. Full-length leggings are never going away because they’re uber-practical-magical when accompanying a short dress.

“The green of my dress countered the black leggings, so I believe the dress was more noticeable,Brawley said.

If you decide to indulge yourself with only one item on this list, you absolutely must do so with a pair of ankle-high boots. Although I didn’t find a single pair on campus, ankle-highs are perfect for that cherry-on-top effect to the rest of your edgy chic look. These boots are super versatile. Whether they’re worn with shorts, skirts, skinny jeans, leggings or even if you pull a Sarah Jessica Parker and wear them with sweat pants, these boots are sure to enrich any outfit.

So there you have it, ladies, just a few ideas to amp up, edge up and glam up your fall wardrobe. Remember, too many trends in one outfit is overkill, and bottom line: Have fun and explore a wide array of outfit styles. Stay fierce!


MARIO LUGO can be reached at features@theaggie.org.


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