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Senatorial debate questions platform goals

Yesterday’s ASUCD senatorial debate showcased 13 candidates and questioned their platforms and goals.

The debate in Griffin Lounge was hosted by the ASUCD Elections Committee and moderated by The California Aggie’s Campus Editor Lauren Steussy and Features Editor Angela Ruggiero.

“The primary goal behind the debate is to allow students to see and hear all of the candidates in a neutral forum hosted by the Elections Committee and The Aggie so that they can make an informed vote,” said Elections Committee Chair, Nick Sidney. “In addition, it’s an incentive for signing the voluntary spending agreement as candidates that don’t agree cannot participate.”

Sidney said that to his knowledge this has not happened in a long time.

The first portion of the debate featured eight questions. Each question allowed as many candidates as possible to respond within two minutes. Topics focused on the participants’ general understanding of the position, effects of the budget cuts, their platform goals and communication with campus media.

The second phase asked the candidates to raise their hands if the questions, such as whether or not they have attended senate meetings in the past, applied to them.

The third phase directed questions at specific candidates based on certain aspects of their platform goals and campaign strategy, such as Andre Lee’s Zero-Waste Picnic Day, Marisol Ornelas’ SmartSite involvement, Levi Menovske’s edible campus plans, Ryan Acheterberg’s Coffee House cards and Don Ho’s budget transparency effort.

Candidate endorsements will be printed in Tuesday’s opinion page and voting starts on Tuesday night.

POOJA KUMAR can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


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