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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

CD review: Yukon Blonde

Artist: Yukon Blonde

Album: Self-Titled

Label: Nevado Records

Rating: 2

Formerly known as Alphababy, Yukon Blonde changed their name, packed up their van and moved their belongings, band-mates and production from Kelowna down to Vancouver, Canada to head into a new musical generation.

The results of this career-changing move? Yukon Blonde kind of sounds like fluorescent neon lights, go-go boots and flower power t-shirts. I can’t exactly say that this album offers anything defiantly new or creative but I can say that it offers a great alternative to sleeping pills. All you insomniacs out there, I guarantee this album will put you to sleep – it’s repetitious and almost annoying at times at how much the music drags. All of their songs sound like extended introductions and the build-up feels like a slow progression up a handicap ramp.

Yukon Blonde tastes bland and has a hint of the ’60s – ok, no. It tastes a lot like the ’60s and will most likely appeal to anyone who enjoys peace signs, shrooms and smiley faces bumper stickers.

Give this track a listen: “Streets”

For fans of: Grizzly Bear, Nyquil

– Karen Song


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