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Letters to the editor

UC Haiti Summit to be held April 24

Dear students, faculty and staff,

In response to a desire by faculty, students and staff on all 10 UC campuses to find ways that our university can support the rebuilding of Haiti, a group of UC students has taken the initiative to organize a UC Haiti Summit. As a UC system, we have much talent and expertise in many different fields needed to assist the Haitian people in the long process of rebuilding their earthquake-devastated country. We are pleased to support our students’ efforts in putting together this summit.

A series of meetings is being planned to take place on April 24 at the UCSF Mission Bay campus. The day will involve discussion among UC students, faculty and staff to identify possible projects, explore collaborations and develop a plan of action.

Members of the UC community have a long and proud history of public service, and the long-term rebuilding of Haiti is an effort where our faculty, staff and students may wish to contribute their talent, creativity and expertise.

Please send all inquiries to uchaiti@gmail.com and register through www.tinyurl.com/uchaiti.




Headline: Response to ‘Break my heart’

This is a response to Beth Sekishiro’s column from Monday. I’m a campus rep for TOMS Shoes and a co-founder of the TOMS Shoes Campus Club at UC Davis. I would like to offer another perspective about the intentions of the One Day Without Shoes event, because this is the only recognition it received in The Aggie.

TOMS strives to provide footwear for children in developing countries to prevent disease and injury. The event, however, is mainly for spreading awareness. It’s designed as a way in which people can both represent and empathize with these children while going through their regular day.

People who participated were generally passionate TOMS supporters who were excited to share the movement with interested onlookers in hopes that they would support the cause of spreading knowledge, passion and hope. But whether people care about water, disease, shelter or clothing is a decision that they should make, fully informed, by their own interest and compassion.

Visit tomsshoes.com and onedaywithoutshoes.com for more information.


Sophomore, biomedical engineering


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