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Sunday, July 14, 2024

News in Brief

Approximately 200 students studying for midterms on Thursday night were evacuated as library staff reported a potential bomb threat on the premises.

At approximately 9 p.m., police responded to a call from library administrators after they witnessed an unidentified male individual set a box down in front of the library and walk away.

“That activity is not consistent with any other delivery on campus, and the timing was suspicious too,” said Lt. Matthew Carmichael of the UC Davis Police Department.

Police required that all those inside the library be evacuated until the package could be stabilized.

The UCDPD, UC Davis Fire Department, Yolo County Sheriffs Department and the Yolo County Bomb Squad arrived to the library shortly after the call. The bomb squad x-rayed the package, but the contents remained suspicious.

A robot opened the package and found the contents to be 40 cans of Red Bull energy drinks. A label on the front of the package read “test answers.”

The incident has been classified as a crime for reporting a false bomb. The suspect of the crime could face imprisonment, Carmichael said.

“The distress it caused our campus was very upsetting,” he added. “The last thing you want to do before a midterm is leave the library, and you lose all your resources in there.”

– Lauren Steussy


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