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CD review: Floater

Artist: Floater

Album: Wake

Label: Typhon Records

Rating: 3

With some notably heavier guitar riffs and spastic beats, Floater takes a different direction than most bands that reign in the mellow indie-rock scene of Portland, Oregon. Wake is definitely a rock-inspired album.

In the track entitled “Enough,” a full minute of pure guitar intro pulses through the sound waves. But frontman Rob Wynia’s voice is definitely the dominant factor laced with intense instrumentals.

Among other tracks, Wake puts you in a head-banging mode with its psychedelic guitar riffs and rock-inspired sound.

Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, Wake embraces traditional progressive rock and even slight metal influences for which those with a heavier ear will enjoy.

Give these tracks a listen: “White Dress,” “Simplest Way of Life”

For Fans Of: Cire, Neon Horse

– Uyen Cao


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