82.8 F

Davis, California

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Police Briefs


Reduce, Reuse, Ridiculous

A male and female were in someone’s recycling bin on Alice Street.

Boats and glaciers are always risky

There was a boat parked in the red zone on Glacier Drive.

Sigma Nu-de

A naked male ran into a female and her friends on Wake Forest Drive and Oxford Circle.



Two subjects were soliciting to attend tennis camp in Florida, on Faro Avenue.

How exciting!

There was a Christmas tree in the middle of the road on Cowell Boulevard and Ohlone Street.


The second highest form of flattery

A male believes he’s being stalked by two unknown subjects, on Chiles Road.

Even more exciting!

A golden retriever was found on Del Oro Avenue.

Desperate Ex-wives

Someone’s daughter’s prescription was picked up by her ex-husband’s ex-wife, possibly to harass or inconvenience her, on Cowell Boulevard.

POLICE BRIEFS are compiled from the city of Davis daily crime bulletins. Prison terms are fleeting, but POLICE BRIEFS are forever. Contact BECKY PETERSON at city@theaggie.org.


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