75.7 F

Davis, California

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Roving Reporter

“Ultimate Frisbee – I’m on an intramural team, about to dominate. One of my good friends from high school taught me how to throw forehand, taking my game to an extreme level. Beware!” – David Watts, junior, human development major

“Tennis – You don’t need a bunch of people to play tennis. You can just grab a friend and go!” – Jessica Christian, senior, American studies

“Diving at the Rec Pool – It’s pretty much my favorite because I like to smash my face into the water.” – Mark Ferrando, senior, dramatic art major

“Frisbee – It’s easy to do with two people. Yet, there is some skill to it. I think it’s fun.” – Diane Vickroy, senior, international relations and French major

“Soccer and Lakers basketball – because I’m from Los Angeles. ‘Lake Show!'” – Juliette Spinner, senior, international relations major

“Baseball – You just hear the click of the bat, the pop of the ball in the glove. It’s a ‘bresh of freth air.'” – Ian Shein, senior, history major

“Basketball on the outdoor courts – What I like most about basketball is the constant action in a sunny environment; getting a tan while playing a competitive sport.” – Nathan Lessa, senior, international relations major


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