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Ask Katehi

What role does UC Davis play in promoting financial support for international graduate students and encouraging their return to their home countries? Does UC Davis ensure the students’ continuing contributions via any sort of formal collaborative network?

Our Office of Graduate Studies and the Office of University Outreach and International Programs have been collaborating on a number of strategic partnerships with foreign universities and government agencies. For example, the Vietnam Education Foundation and the Vietnam International Education Development programs provide partial funding for the most promising students from Vietnam. Davis commits to matching funds to attract one to three outstanding students each year. Other examples include agreements with UC MEXUS for students from Mexico, the BECAS Chile program and Zhejiang University for students supported by the China Scholarship Council. Each of these agreements provides a strategic opportunity to recruit outstanding doctoral students from around the world. In general, these students are expected to return to their home countries upon completion of their degrees. UC Davis actively works on expanding the list of such collaborations. 

We also have faculty that have formed their own collaborations with researchers around the world. These relationships provide opportunities for graduate students from other countries to conduct part of their research at UC Davis while earning a degree at their home institution. 

UC Davis strives to be the university of choice for prestigious international and governmental exchange programs and research enterprises that have trans-national and global applications. To help accomplish this goal of the UC Davis Vision of Excellence, we have signed 139 active general Agreements of Cooperation in 39 countries to facilitate collaboration or partnership with universities and institutions around the world. In addition, we sponsor 30 international alumni networks on six continents that engage alumni and facilitate their connections back to the campus and help to provide institutional support.

For more information on the resources available to international graduate students, I encourage you to visit the Office of Graduate Studies: http://gradstudies.ucdavis.edu/ and Office of University Outreach and International Programs: http://uoip.ucdavis.edu.

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