86 F

Davis, California

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Campus Chic

Finlay Pilcher, senior civil engineering major

The Aggie: What are you wearing?
Pilcher: “A Forever 21 sweater, Zara skirt, Topshop over-the-knee socks and Frye shoes. My necklace is J. Crew.”

How did you decide what to wear today?
“I’m pretty inspired by how people dress in the UK since I studied abroad there for a year last year. I really like pleated skirts. I try to wear high heels as much as possible even though no one does in Davis.”

Where do you find inspiration?
“I look at a few blogs. The Sartorialist is really good.”

What’s your advice for staying chic during the winter?
“I guess patterned tights and colorblocking, especially with scarves. That’s the easiest way, I think.”

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