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Editorial: Pass it

On Nov. 6, college students across the state will be lining up at polling stations to cast their votes. This election is particularly important.
Proposition 30, which would increase sales tax by 25 cents for four years and taxes on earnings over $250,000 for seven years, could have a direct impact on a college student’s everyday life. If Prop. 30 does not pass, UC students will face a 20 percent tuition increase due to trigger cuts, beginning Winter 2013.
Students must make it a priority to vote and make sure to vote Yes on Prop. 30.
While some argue against raising taxes, education is worth it. Without the quality of the UC and CSU systems, California would not be the state it is today. It is the job of Californians to ensure funding for these institutions.
Others say the proposition won’t actually help public education because it’s not directly increasing funding for education. However, the sad truth is that we are now just looking to stay afloat.
In a conversation with UC student newspapers, Gov. Jerry Brown said that the failure of Prop. 30 would mean that the UC system would lose $250 million, which will mean a $2,400 increase in tuition for all UC students.

Students should be aware of the impacts this proposition could have on them. If the proposition does not pass, tuition could rise from $12,192 to $14,630, and that does not include individual campus fees.

For some students, this trigger cut could mean the end of their college careers. For others, it could mean taking out new loans, which could potentially change their lives in the future, if they are unable to get a well-paid job when they graduate.

Education must be regarded as a right, not a privilege, if we are looking to overcome the debt we face as a state. The UCs have already strayed from the Master Plan, and to allow an increase in tuition would make these supposedly “public” institutions even more exclusive.

So, college students, for the sake of your bank account, the quality of education and the future of California, vote Yes on Prop. 30.


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