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CD Review: State Radio

Artist: State Radio

Title: Rabbit Inn Rebellion

Rating: 4.5

“This is rock; unrefined, hard and volcanic.” So declares the website of Massachusetts-based rock band State Radio. Listening to the band’s newest album, Rabbit Inn Rebellion, one would be hard-pressed to disagree.

State Radio has returned not only to the studio, but also to their hard rock roots. The album conjures up images of a dystopian future led by ruthless oligarchs and ravaged by war. In particular, the track “Big Man” echoes the recent Occupy movement. Through their driving beats and thought-provoking lyrics, State Radio’s newest release will entertain new and old fans alike.

If you like hard rock and indie bands, give State Radio’s newest CD a listen. “‘We didn’t care if it was [a] little messy or not perfect, if the energy and the driving nature and sense of urgency was in it, then we would go for it. That’s what carries the album,’” said Stokes, the lead singer, on the band’s website. “This is totally a full steam ahead, pedal-to-the-metal album. You can feel the blood coursing through it.”

Check out these tracks: “Roadway Broken,” “Big Man,” “The Bridge is Burning.”

For Fans of: The Black Angels, Calexico, Coheed and Cambria.

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