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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Column: Music videos

One Direction has done it again. They’ve already fostered such an obsession in my heart for them, but no. They release another heart-stopping and swoon-worthy music video for me and the rest of the 13-year-olds out there to cry over.

I mean, sure, the three-minute and 38-second black-and-white video is set in a recording studio and is just of the boys sitting and singing, but it’s already a masterpiece in my head. I forgive them for never truly putting much thought into their music video ideas; they’re beautiful enough to sit around and be filmed. Just like Adele.

These beautiful men will be able to get away with pointless videos for the rest of their careers — they’ll have the Kids Choice Award for Best Video as long as they keep their hair high and their faces fresh.

As for the rest of the entertainment industry, it unfortunately doesn’t work that way. Perhaps it was Lady Gaga who set the standard in terms of having complex storylines and costume changes in music videos. Every video she produces seems to be a short film, and we’re not complaining.

It’s nice to see that artists put in some thought (or money to pay for these thoughts) toward music video ideas. Even though they’re not required to have a successful career, there are a few legends who realized that if done right, videos can define an artist.

Beyoncé will forever be known as the best “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” dancer, Michael Jackson influenced the music industry like no other with his video for “Thriller” and Madonna was just Madonna with “Express Yourself.”

Artists can also get away with absolutely pointless videos that have no direction or purpose besides entertaining an audience. OK Go trended online with “Here It Goes Again.” Nicki

Minaj is entertaining enough to look at in a picture, but in video form? Nothing else I’d rather watch.

And then we have the music videos that are a huge waste of money. Like, after watching three minutes you realize that you could’ve come up with ANY other idea and it would’ve been better than what you just watched.

I mean, I love me some T-Swift videos every once in awhile … but seriously? A whole video while you walk around in Paris when the song had nothing to do with Paris? Dressing in expensive dresses to dance upon a rooftop? How about her recent video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”? Conceptually pointless.

But I have to commend one video of this year that I’m absolutely in love with. “Some Nights” by Fun. is the most inspiring and smart music video I’ve seen in a while — that is, besides Beyonce’s “I Was Here” United Nations Humanitarian Day performance video. That video will make you cry, sign up for the Peace Corps and cry some more.

Perhaps I should go into the entertainment industry and shake some sense into popular musical artists. You have the money. You have access to genius brains. Make a difference, inspire and fascinate your audience. Don’t just look pretty and run around for three minutes.

Want to join ELIZABETH ORPINA in making her own rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video? Email her at arts@theaggie.org.


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