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Campus Judicial Report

Five more minutes
A first-year student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for cheating on an exam after time was called in an economics course. The professor saw him talk with a friend and change his answers on the exam after the exam period had ended. When meeting with a judicial officer, the student denied cheating, but admitted to working on the exam after time was called. He agreed to one year of probation, special seating arrangements for all future exams and community service as sanctions. Probation means that the student will likely be suspended or dismissed if he is found in violation again, but he retains his right to a formal hearing if he disputes the charges.

You were warned
A fourth-year student was referred to SJA for submitting an assignment in a University Writing Program course that contained plagiarism. When meeting with a judicial officer, he admitted to plagiarizing despite receiving handouts on plagiarism at the beginning of the quarter. He agreed to Deferred Separation and community service as sanctions. In addition, he received an “F” grade on the paper. Deferred Separation means that if he is again referred to SJA for any kind of theft or misappropriation, he has the right to an informal hearing with a judicial officer but has given up his right to a formal hearing.

Don’t let history repeat itself
A first-year student was referred to SJA for using a cell phone to cheat during an exam in a history course. The class was warned that having cell phones out during the exam implies cheating. When meeting with a judicial officer, the student admitted to using a cell phone during the exam for reasons other than cheating. He agreed to censure as sanction out of benefit of doubt. In addition, he received zero points on the exam. Censure is a written notice of a violation of policy. If he commits another violation, he will receive further discipline.


  1. Perhaps a more effective approach would have been to enter that pupil caught cheating into a tutoring class of the sort. Or a one on one tutoring to help the student develop better study habits.
    Instead, the student will only reinforce your action as more the reason it would make sense to cheat. “It must help me in some way or they wouldn’t make the punishment so severe.” Look, by the time a student makes it to college, they will have these stone-set habits to use for its the easy way out to nothing in life.
    Ask any level headed student what their future looks like for them in their field of study. “Where is the passion to succeed at something you went to school to do?” “Passion drives the ambition to succeed without knowing its happening.”
    I bet one of my inventions The Clothe Drier, that a high 80% of the students a any college doesn’t know the feeling of passion to succeed. Just know this Passion doesn’t create feeling or emotions, so if, you do something there can’t be any feelings coming from it. Because, you’re not aware of it.
    A recent study was done showing that after the age of six the brain activity drops and never again in that person’s life will they ever have that level of brain activity they had in the beginning of life.
    What happened? The mind started to work around the age of 18 months to 27 months, and up on entering school, age six the once vibrant, lively, and very active brain is being told to sit down and wait for information.
    When the brain was growing at an alarming rate an outside force took over known as fear. Fear actually started much sooner by the parents being parents not wanting their toddle to get hurt. They begin to use the word can’t and don’t, these are negative words that slows the process of the function of the brain.
    Any student can have perfect memory once they learn how to focus by staying in the moment. Being able to have no distractions in the mind or in the room. Its a clear headed affect. By which the entire moment can be retained to perfect memory. All one now has to do in the future is be in the moment during a test by focusing on the test and nothing else. It takes practice.


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