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Column: #Cut4Bieber

The Bieber fans have done it again. Yes, he’s still apparently relevant. Yes, his fanbase is ever strong. This group of crazy young girls took and still takes the blame for harassing young pop stars, friends and family members who surround Justin Bieber through social media and verbal attacks in person.

Selena Gomez, the now-ex-girlfriend (allegedly), struggled to brace herself from the storm of pre-teens and teenage girls who overreacted to their favorite pop star taking himself off of the market. She had her whole sob story, and sadly became the face of bullying survival. Whatever, you put yourself in this industry, you should be ready for the attention, negative or positive, you’re bound to receive.

But this time, the fans have drawn attention to themselves by pulling some of the most ridiculous crap Twitter has ever seen. Even though it turned out to be a hoax, it’s still completely unacceptable and unbelievable that internet trolls would dare to even want to negatively influence young fans in a morbid way.

A picture of the young star surfaced recently, revealing to the world that The Biebs smokes pot. Yes, we can discuss his stupidity in dismissing the fact that he’s an “idol” to millions of teenagers around the world. But in this particular case, it’s not like he’s letting us down in any way. We all know he’s a little douche.

What happened is completely ridiculous and jaw dropping. Trending on Twitter was “Cut4Bieber,” a campaign to get young girls to cut themselves in response to their favorite pop star essentially making public his decision to smoke marijuana.

Speaking of Cyrus, lately she’s been posting her opinions on recent events surrounding Bieber. Bieber speeds around on freeways in his probably-douchey sports car, claiming that he’s constantly having to escape the paparazzi.

Recently, a paparazzo was killed in a car accident, linked to the driving of Bieber’s car. Sure, that brings up an issue that first appeared when Princess Diana was killed due to paparazzi. Cyrus commented that paparazzi laws needed to be implemented, as celebrities have such a struggle getting around without being attacked by flashing lights and crowds of people.

While it is important that the roads remain calm and relatively safe, it’s more important to address the ridiculous influence that celebrities and internet trolls have on today’s youth. Good for Cyrus for voicing her opinion, but wouldn’t it be somewhat awesome if she did something with her influence, rather than constantly posting pictures of her dogs and her unflattering haircut?

Is it so much to ask for something to #Believe in these days? Why is everything going to shit? Why does Hollywood suck? Why am I still commenting on these unimportant pop stars?

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